We believe that great design matters, positively impacting our lives and work.

What We Do

Idea Space Architecture + Design helps to create inspiring architecture and interior environments. We work with innovative, bold and creative clients interested in a pleasurable and highly productive experience while designing and building their place of business, new home, investment property, country retreat or renovating their current co-op, condo or townhouse. Our clients are interested in exploring their design options to uncover the most comfortable environment in which to live and most profitable in which to work.

Through a collaborative process with client, consultants, fabricators and builder, decisions that are artistic, highly functional and financially responsible are made to bring about successful solutions. As architects and interior designers we help our clients explore their creative ideas, the process of making a space and finally the experience of occupying that completed built environment.



For us, it’s the heart of everything we do. It’s a piece of sculpture that can be inhabited.  It is about the transformation of an original idea which evolves into a complete, well built structure.  Each project is thought about differently depending on the characteristics of the site, the intended use of the finished architecture, as well as the needs and aspirations of the client.


Interior Design

Like a person, beauty is really on the inside.  An interior is where we tend to spend most of our time. It tends to inform our mood and our lives.  Each interior environment therefore is personal and reflects the personalities of our clients, as such its importance is beyond measure and we take this very seriously in our work.


Furniture Design 

Furniture design for us is an exploration of materials, methods, forms and details.  Much like architecture it can be very sculptural while simultaneously must meet the needs and interests of our clients.  Great care is taken with each piece to ensure they will function well in the space as well as with the human body.


Procurement of Furniture and Fixtures

We work to assist our clients in selecting, purchasing and coordinating many of the particulars that go into constructing and finishing a space.  This often may include, furniture pieces (including custom fabrics and material finishes), tile, plumbing fixtures, carpeting, etc.  In doing so we find we can help our clients to preserve some of their budget thereby allowing these funds to be allocated towards increased quality of other components in the project.


Architectural Consulting

As consultants to our clients we provide a piece of mind that they are truly getting the most from their design dollar and their visions are being met.  We work hand in hand with our clients to create test fits and feasibility studies of office space they are interested in leasing or plots of land they are performing due diligence upon.  In other scenarios we work as our client’s representative and design consultant when they undertake tenant improvement projects utilizing the landlord’s resources, ie. the landlord’s architects and contractors.