Great design will improve your life—from home to work, and everywhere in between.

What We Do

Idea Space makes great architecture and interior design accessible to you, bringing fresh, innovative ideas that reinvigorate your home and workplace. Whether you’re looking to improve the functionality of your Manhattan townhouse, spruce up your suburban abode, or invest new life into that quaint country retreat, we make home renovation a pleasurable and productive experience. We can also capture your ideas of what “home” should be and create a brand new house that is custom-built for your lifestyle.

Additionally, Idea Space can convert your drab and dysfunctional office—whether in midtown Manhattan or northern New Jersey—into a light, bright, comfortable and welcoming setting for customers, clients, and employees.

Our close partnerships with clients continually inspire us to create the atmospheres of their dreams. At Idea Space, we don’t just renovate, we renew, bringing more energy, vitality and enjoyment to our clients’ lives through the spaces they inhabit. By working together through a collaborative process—with client, consultants, fabricators, and builder—we explore financially responsible design options that contribute to a more livable, sustainable, and profitable environment.


Our Approach

The Idea Space approach is a holistic one, encompassing architecture, interiors, and furniture design together at once, so we can give our clients a clear and consistent creative vision. It’s also an aspirational technique that brings everything together to reach the highest potential of the space.

We view architecture as inhabitable sculpture, specifically tailored to the needs of its users and the context of its site. We see interior design as a highly personalized experience, channeling our clients’ specific aspirations into a space that not only informs, but transforms, their everyday lives. And, for us, furniture design is both sculptural and solutional—like architecture, but at a different scale. It’s an opportunity to explore materials, methods, forms, and details in a way that simultaneously meets functional, ergonomic, and aesthetic requirements.