Warren Road Residence

The owners of this 1920's Maplewood home created an attic master bedroom space to meet the needs of their growing family. In an effort to maximize on storage we took full advantage of the crawl space beneath the sloped ceiling and created built in cabinetry that not only serves as a bookshelf, but also accommodates our client's wardrobe. A stone ledge flanked by upholstered window seats sits behind a custom headboard. The warm color palette with red and rust accents contrasted by a more neutral backdrop beautifully reflects our client's desire for a refined earthy palette. In addition to the attic transformation, the sitting room at the base of the attic stair received a refresh to the color palette, lighting, and furnishings.

Featured on:  Houzz

The Warren Road Residence was included in a list as one of six inspiring attic transformations.

Photography: Anna Herbst Photography