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I Need An Architect, But Who?

You have decided the time is right to tackle that construction project and realized you would benefit greatly with the right architect in your corner.  But who?  How do you find the correct person... more


The Steps To Successful Architecture and Interior Design

The following is a sequence of steps most often taken in order to successfully develop an architectural project and create a high quality environment to live or work in.  As every design project has unique requirements... more


Creating Open Vibrant Space in Your Home

Many of our residential clients have indicated that one of the main objectives for our work together is to open up their living environment so as to create a more loft like and voluminous space.  This is particularly true of clients... more


Manhattan Townhouse Renovations: Classic Architecture, Contemporary Design

Manhattan townhouses exude a charm that other dwellings just cannot compare with. These four to six story structures built in the late 19th and early 20th century afford privacy hard to come by in New York City. They typically include an eat-in kitchen, private back yard often with a garden, large living spaces and a classic decor inclusive of a beautiful...more


Why hire a design firm when you can just get a G.C.?

A design firm and a contractor have two different roles in the construction process. In order to achieve a high quality finished space, it is essential to fulfill both roles.  Obviously we are not talking about...more